The EasyBike Company - pedal assist e bikes for hire

The Royal Hotel are delighted to have partnered with the The EasyBike Company who offer for hire pedal assist e-bikes – ideal for getting about and about and exploring the local area.


The EasyBike Company

We are a family run electric bike hire company specialising in the multi person pedal assist e bike. The Multi person aspect means that it can travel with up to three passengers ( two adults comfortably, three if you are travelling with a little one ). We offer a full drop off and pick up service for guests looking to hire the bikes with the relevant introductions and safety instructions .  Guests and affiliates of The Royal Hotel Comrie are entitled to a preferential rate , receiving a 10% discount on the duration of their hire.


The bikes are a super fun way of getting around the area and make travelling around the various cycle paths and Perthshire beauty spots quick and easy .The Bike has a range of 30-40 miles so has proved to be very popular with tourists and locals alike as it is a fantastic way to see the local sites . It has also proven very popular as being the main mode of transport for families to and from the local eateries, galleries and shops.  Using an e- bike is not only an effective way to travel, but an ethical one .  We are called The Easy Bike Company as it is an easy hire process with most of it being done online (or in person for those not comfortable online) – a full turn key solution.  To hire the bike click on the link below to go to our website or call us personally  (Duncan) 07577668938 and we’ll talk you through the process. We’re on facebook and instagram too so plenty of ways to contact us .

As a guest of The Royal Hotel Comrie , we are also able to come and meet you during your stay should you wish to trial the bike or discuss the best hire option for you and /or your family . We have lots of local knowledge of suitable routes and timings so please call us for a chat .

Pedal assist e-bike hire…

The Royal Hotel is delighted to have partnered with the The EasyBike Company – which offer pedal assisted e-bikes for hire  – a great way to explore the local area.

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